Allée du Commandant Jules Pelletier

Duration of visit: 02h00


Michelsberg was one of the Maginot Line’s large artillery forts and it is now open to the public. It still contains its original equipment and a tour reveals the underground world of the Maginot Line, since the fort lies at a depth of 30 metres below the ground. There are hundreds of metres of galleries along which a train ran. There is also an ultra modern kitchen and a power plant with its original diesel engines still in working order. Visitors are shown the command post, the barracks and a battle garrison containing the largest type of turret, weighing 265 tonnes.

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Resumption of activity in 2020 : yes
réservation conseillée, port du masque obligatoire (possibilité d'acheter sur place 0,50 cts), groupe maximum 10 personnes

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