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The three borders area offers you a large range of rich and varied landscapes, discoveries and atmospheres. Cultures, local products, hikes, you’ll all find your groove. But here, how to choose when you’re not from around here and only have a few days or even a few hours to spend in the region ?
Don’t search anymore, your territory experts will simplify your life and concoct you propositions for a typical day in the Pays Thionvillois.

One day in the three borders area

During your travel journey, one day is dedicated to your presence on the three borders area’s territory. No worries ! You can wander around the whole territory by way of your interests and preferences.
Visit of downtown Thionville in the morning
First of all, we suggest you start your day with the pedestrian circuit in downtown Thionville. Thanks to a heritage map available at the Tourist Office, you’ll discover the history of the town and the mysteries around its monuments. The touristic sites of the territory are mostly open during the afternoon, which enables this pleasant morning walk. And if it’s not time to eat yet, you’ll extend your walk on the Moselle’s banks where you’ll come across two nice public parks, the Napoleon and the Wilson parks, in the heart of what used to be the German quarters during the German occupation. A good way to bring together nature and architecture.
Now that you’ve been walking for quite a while, you’re probably hungry and it’s then time to eat. You might as well stay in downtown Thionville. Remember when you were walking, you saw those black little slates that display the restaurant’s menu. Local tastes, gastronomic dishes, fast, southern or asian cooking, smalll budget, everyone will find his groove.

Touristic visits to your taste in the afternoon
With lunch being over, it’s time for what happens next. Several options are at your disposal.
You get to choose between the military heritage of the Maginot line, the industrial remains of the past or the memory of the local noble families. But where should you start ? Well, no pressure, we’ll take them in order.

Memory tourism

The big structure of the Hackenberg is one of the biggest fortress of the Maginot line visible on our territory. Its passionate volunteers will transport you for 2h30 in the underground passages of this fortress and will tell you all about the daily life of hundreds of soldiers.

Other structures of the Maginot line are more and more active regarding the boosting of the territory and the handover of the military memory to the visitors. Thus, you get to discover « Le Tiburce » of Hettange-Grande, one of the only structures built without a rook ; or even the galeries made from cut stone in the structure that’s located in the woods of Cattenom. For those who’d like to be impressed by the Maginot line’s treasures, the Michelsberg’s structure has a turet to discover, one of the biggest of the line, whereas the « fort aux fresques » in Hestroff will transport you through the daily life of the soldiers as well as the handmade decorations that decorate the walls of this fortress. Even Mickey Mouse has its spot there.

The industrial and laborer legacy

The Mines museum in Neufchef takes you through an industrial journey introduced by volunteers, old laborers who had worked for the mine’s productions’ good functioning. You’ll find here one of the hardest jobs ver who marked an entire generation of workers.
Another spot for the industrial memory around here, the hauts fourneaux U4 of Uckange, ranked in the « Patrimoine du XXème siècle », invite you to relive a symbolic activity of the laborer past in Lorraine. The Jardin des Traces set next to the site offers a playful and botanical discovery of the steel industry’s materials.

The castle memory

Finally, the La Grange castle buries yourself in tje heart of the 18th century, with its magnificent chandeliers, its richly finely embroidered tapestries and its golden furniture. The guides, the Selancy family, owner of the castle, will tell you all about their ancesters’ history.
At the border with Germany, you get to visit the Malbrouck castle, one of Moselle Passion’s site. This entirely rebuilt castle offers a different themed exhibition every year. This year, it’s Kirby and the comics’ universe that are highlighted. Something to cheer up the adults just as much as the younger.
And then, if this programm doesn’t suit you at all, contact us, we’ll be happy to advise something else ! If you’d rather be accompanied during your visit of Thionville, contact us as well to organize your day or a guided visit.
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