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What is the opening schedule of Pays Thionvillois Tourisme ?

The tourist office is open from Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00pm non stop, but also on Saturdays from 10:00am to 5 : 00pm non stop ! During July and August, the office is open from 11:00am to 3:00pm on Sundays. However, it is closed on public holidays. Find out how to come to Thionville and se déplacer.


What’s to buy at the tourist office ?

boutique en platt, photo par Raoul Gilibert


We offer a ticket office that you will benefit from. Indeed, advantageous prices for the Kinepolis movie theater, the Villa Pompéï spa, the Amnéville Zoo or for the Paintball in Veckring are available. We also sell tickets from the Flixbus company in case you’d like to travel around France and even Europe by bus. Thanks to this ticket office, you could even collect tickets that are sold at the Casino 2000 in Mondorf or tickets from spectacles in Trèves, Coblence, Merzig... through the platform Ticket Régional.

Local and touristic products

In our boutique, you will find local products : liquors and mirabelle brandies, wines from our vineyards in Moselle, terrines and foie gras and the products of our famous Boutique en Platt (link here www.boutiqueenplatt.com) : all in all, everything needed to bring a piece of our land back to yours.

How to collaborate with Pays Thionvillois Tourisme ?

First of all, find out why you should collaborate with us, then choose your partnership pack and fill in the online membership form ! We will get in touch for the following terms and conditions.


On which days are there markets in Thionville ?

The free markets take place every Tuesdays from 8:00am to 10:00am on the parking on Rue du Manège and Place Hugo. The food markets happen on Saturdays from 6:00am to 12:00 on the parking on Rue du Manège and Place Hugo. The flea markets start in March, and take place on Sundays from 6:00am to 12:00 on the Place de la Liberté and rue du Général Walker.

Download the schedule.

How many people live in Thionville and around ?

Thionville's conurbation is compound by 13 towns that thus make it the second urban hub of Moselle. The conurbation is inhabited by 80,000 people on a geographic zone that's 156 square meters. Thionville, the main city of the conurbation, counts 42,000 inhabitants. [Source]

brochure plan thionville patrimoine How to get touristic brochures ?

We suggest you to download and look at our documentation on a digital display. To do so, go on this page, select the eye icon to view the document and the arrow to download it on your computer.
If you’d rather receive the paper brochures at home, go on that page. Select « Order on paper version » on the document(s) that you are interested in. Then click on « Next » and fill the form that will enable us to get your contact details. Your documentation application will be dealt with under 48 hours.




visite guidee de thionville centre

How to plan a guided tour?

In order to organize a guided tour, you can get in touch with Elodie, head of the tours and visits' department, thanks to this form. She'll be happy to organize your visit. If Elodie's not here, Nathalie, Louise, Marion, Jennifer or Manuela will take over. 

You can get in touch with Elodie by phone : +333 82 53 33 18 or even talk to her in person at the Tourist Office. 


Is it possible to book a guided visit for less than 15 people ?

Individual guided visits are planned on a specific schedule for the months of July, August and December. However, it is possible to plan a guided visit whenever it is more convenient for you, but the guide package will cost you 90€ for the entire group.

parking de la liberte

Where are the free parking spots in Thionville ?

The closest free parking spots to downtown Thionville are the ones on the Place de la Liberté and the Quai Nicolas Krauser. If you move away from the center, you’ll find free parking places next to the train station. For futher information : Pour plus d'informations : https://www.thionville.fr/fr/stationnement-payant.
On Sundays, starting at 2:00pm, all the parking spots are free ! The parking places with barriers are free as well, it’s enough to take a ticket when coming in and present it to the gate when coming out without having to pay, the barriers will open anyway.



Where is Wifi available in Thionville ?

You’ll find a free wifi connexion in our premises and in certains cafés and restaurants (B-W, Brochettes & Cie, Carpe Diem, C’est Fun C’est Frais, Crescendo, VTF Domaine de Volkrange, Enoteca, Fine’s, Flunch, KFC, Le P’tit Marcel, Le Campanile).
The local library offers also computers connected to the Internet.

Are there any service stations for camper vans ?

You’ll find a service station for camper vans in Thionville on the Camping Municipal's ground. You’ll find a service station in the city of Amnéville behind the tourist office.

Where can we park with a camper van in Thionville ?

It’s allowed to park with your van/camper van on the camping sites planned for this purpose. Parking is tolerated on the Place de la Liberté or along the Boulevard du XXè Corps but you’ll have to make sure that no event is planned on that day and in any case, you’ll have to bring yourself to the Police Municipal’s attention. Their phone number is 03 82 53 32 81.

Where can I find a bike repair shop in Thionville ?

You can bring with your eyes closed your beloved bikes to Cycles Garsi (1 rue des Artisans), to Chez Pierron (1 route de Metz) or to Décathlon (ZAC Meilbourg, Road to Illange in Yutz).


Le pays des trois frontieres

What’s the Three borders area ?

The Three borders area is a territory which is part of Moselle county and which shares its borders with Germany, Luxembourg, including Le Pays Thionvillois and the Pays de Sierck. It’s one of France’s History’s hotspot, and also for Europe’s history. In this border country cohabit wine productions, heavy industry and military structures from the past from Vauban to Maginot.

What are the local specialties ?

Apart from the Mirabelle which is unmissable out of the region’s specialties, Lorraine is a place of gastronomy with quality products and quality producers. Come taste the true Quiche Lorraine and give rhyme to your stay according to our other specialties : pâtés lorrains, fumés lorrains, potées lorraines. End your meals with our Mirabelle or Quetsche pies and our macarons from Boulay. Accompany your meals with wines from Moselle AOC, lorraine beers and mirabelle brandies. Find out our local products during your stay in the three borders area.

How much time is needed to visit the three borders area ?

Take a one-week trip to come visit the three borders area and find out what it has to offer ! The area is overflowing with places to discover, History has forged its heritage, and we invite you to come and see more of it : find out the natural landscapes, the castles and medieval cities from the 11th to the 18th century, the numerous military structures, the mines and the industries. In the course of your strolls, follow the Route des Vins and find local products tasting. Enjoy our hotels, our guestrooms and seasonal rentals, camping sites and unusual rentals to spend a comfortable stay here. Our restaurants will enable you to taste our local specialties and local products made with love by our craftsmen.

Are there any touristic sites reachable for people with reduced mobility ?

People with reduced mobility can go to several sites such as the Jardin des Traces in Uckange and the Moulin in Buding, which organizes activities especially made for them. The following sites are partly accessible: Château de la Grange, Château de Malbrouck, Ecomuseum of the steel mines of Lorraine, the Maginot Line (Hackenberg's ouvrage). For more information about the wat the visits are conducted, feel free to take a look at the webpage of these places. 

enfants pendant visite guidee thionville

What can we do with children in the three borders area ?

In concrete terms, you can visit any site with children. However, some sites offer activities made for them :

You can also book guided visits dedicated to children.Think about taking a look at the part dedicated to children’s spare time..